First Fold Optimization: The Definitive Guide

Some said it was irrelevant, others said it was dead, and many are even calling it a “myth”. But what is the real score with “above the fold”? Let’s find out together. With an SEO agency, you can have information like this and more, just contact us in ProfitCommerce to get what need in your […]

Guide on Facebook Ad Creation Checklist

facebook ad

Currently, Facebook is still the most effective channel in social media advertising networks globally, with users reaching 1.84 billion people every day. Thirty-five million people update their status on Facebook every day. 4 million is the number of likes users use on Facebook every minute. 2/3 of Internet users on this planet have a Facebook […]

Subdomains Good or Bad for SEO


Most people who use computers don’t think much about domain and subdomain or how the website click. All they want to see are the result of the inquiry they’ve searched. However, there is a much larger underbelly; a web of metadata, XML sitemaps, schema markup, and site architecture provides the framework generating a strong search […]

High Bounce Rate? Here are the Reasons & What You Should Do

bounce rate

Just like a bouncing ball, the more it bounces the lesser the bounce it gets. The same with your web page bounce rate. The higher your bounce rate gets the worse your situation will be. To test Google Analytics is working on to show you bounce rate, you may want to sign in to your […]

Enhanced Cost Per Click: What It Is and How It Works

enhanced cost per click

Do you know that Google Ads (AdWords) can manage your advertising bids on all those advertising platforms without doing anything? Yes, they called it Enhanced Cost Per Click, an automatic way of marketing used by Google Ads so you can place ads managed them conveniently. Compare to the benefits of Local SEO on making your […]

How to Test if Google Analytics is Working on Your Site?

Google Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics is an important resource for website builders. If it’s installed correctly, the Google Analytics dashboard shows a variety of key metrics regarding web traffic to a site which is essential for understanding how audiences access and interact with different pages on a website. Having that said, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that […]

Best Practices for HTML5

html 5 coding

Most of the web pages you visit are presented to you through HTML, which is the standard markup language used worldwide. Along with technologies such as CSS and Javascript, HTML plays an important role in building a web site. With the continual development of technology, HTML has had five versions in total. The fifth and […]

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTPS?

secure https website

It seems that the stories involving Internet privacy and security always attract special attention from internet users and many businesses. Since the internet was created, protocols that connect clients to web servers have seen remarkable developments. The two most common and widely adopted application protocols are HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP and HTTPS are the prefixes to […]