Search Engine Positioning: Why it is Important?


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Search engine marketing is gaining more and more attention in the marketing industry, especially during the time when the pandemic fluctuating dramatically, and social media and online visitors have soared in number. The visionary marketers realized the potential and benefits of search engines, investing more in the online marketing strategy such as SEO, the ultimate part of using the positioning strategy to optimize each business web page and put them on the top of SERP (search engine result pages).

Short Intro

SEO, as we all know, is a combination of different organic SEO services to increase your website’s searchability and visibility to search engines. It includes developing and optimizing all facets of a website such as content clarity, backlinks, and keywords to bring its page links to the top search engine rankings in search results. And search engine positioning is an ultimate subset of SEO.

What is Search Engine Positioning?

So what exactly is search engine positioning? Search engine positioning is a part of the SEO technique. Instead of consolidating the sitewide and the whole web entity, this practice focuses constantly on web pages’ optimization to turn the links of the specific pages into top search results on Google, Yahoo, or Bing when specific keywords are looked up.

The reasons why it is important

This method is important when most surveys found out that web search users tend to stop their searching on the first page of SERP. And the higher the search result is, the more likely it will be clicked on by visitors. Moreover, the positioning strategy seems to be super effective for the fact that Google and other search engines use bots to crawl and index information on web pages. The relevant pages then appear as search results to a particular search query, but rarely any link to a whole website. Consequently, the concentration on the web-page of Search engine positioning comes directly to the aid of building up your brand’s reputation by positioning your pages on the top of search queries’ results. To locate your site on the top search position, it doesn’t mean only that you have to make it one of the top 10 blue links in search results. There is a fact that Google package now comes with a lot of features on the search such as Featured Snippets, Knowledge Graphs, Top videos, stories. To make sure that your web stands out from the others, you have to expand your SERP real estate for your marketing campaign to be highly efficient across the diversity of Google pack. Getting the site the Featured Snippet (a large box put at the top of the SERP) would be excellently effective or to make your web pages’ links appear multiple times as top search results in the same search query would contribute much to your web enhancement.

Steps on How to improve your search engine positioning

Step 1: Get the connection with the looked-up words across

The content of your site has already got a position on the first Google page or it has reached 100 percent of the search engine optimization level. Well, you have to keep it going because it means Google recognized your site relevantly for keywords it is aiming at. The search engine will move up your site rankings a couple of spots once the exposure to it has been increased more and more. At this point, what to next is implementing the ON-SEO marketing strategy and focusing on users’ experience to give Google signs that your website is interacting well with users.

Step 2: Moving up a couple of spots with internal links

After improving your site, then comes one of the many stupendous methods to enhance the page rank. The tips are putting the internal links to pages that need a spike in rankings and set keywords as anchor texts to them. You would want to put these links on the authority pages of your website for the most traffic to pay attention to the web-page leading anchor texts. Bear in mind that the keyword-rich anchor text is more than important for a better Google crawler’s response to your site because, with the keywords associated with internal links, Google will recognize that your links are relevant to a specific range of keywords. For example, when a visitor who is trying to find ways to improve their website layout is on a page endorsing the usage of WordPress editor, the writer can put an anchor text there as WordPress editor leading that person to the app. This method will draw a lot more leads to your brand article or blog posts and of course, will shortly bump up the CTR of their links.

Step 3: Get more clicks

Google bots also analyze your websites by the people who really care enough to click on your brand article and post. The more the true number of customers visiting your site grows, the more Google highly appreciates your webs site keywords matching context and rank the links higher as search results. As an example, if you are at the #6 ranking on the first page of Google and somehow, your CTR manages to reach 10%, Google will realize that this result is what people want to see for looking up these keywords and will bump the result higher to the top 3 results in the search. The CTR magnet strategy tips include building content that is well-matched with search terms, enhancing the user experience by improving the business response to people, and making the traffic navigated directly to where they want to reach. To do this, the web sites should be organized methodically and easy-on-the-eye or has a clean HTML code. There is another way to enhance the CTR of websites which is to include Adword ads to your websites. This would bring about more positive effects than you can see as an SEO strategy.

Step 4: Check and manage your Core Web Vitals Score well

What is Core Web Vitals?

Besides emphasizing content marketing and drawing traffic, another search engine positioning strategy is worth being put an eye on carefully. This is called Core Web Vitals. This tool belongs to Google and is run by Chrome data. It tells you “how your pages perform based on real-world usage data” as well as measures the web sites business in satisfying people visiting the sites. The measure is based on visitors’ interactions with the site, whether they are happy or not happy with the experience. A page that takes too much time to load can increase the bounce rate recorded by the search engine and your Core Web Vitals score will decrease because people tend to click back in an instant after getting to your site. Following will be the decrease in your dwell time. At this point, when Google realizes that the UX is not good, which is opposed to the search engine will of providing high and quickly helpful content to the searchers, it will drop your business site link a few lines in the searches.

What to do

So it is significant to check through your core web vitals score that the search engines share with you on a daily basis to maintain and raise your site engine positioning and remember to improve your website visitors experience to its best by bringing about the best UX rate as possible. You can achieve this with nuanced acts such as setting exit points for the visitors to abandon, making clear headings and subheadings,…

Step 5: Rank in multiple spots rather than just one

This advanced search engine optimization method seems to really effective for optimizing engine positioning. Imagine after your potential customers have looked for your industry-related products and the top 3 or even top 5 results from the search engine all appear to be links to your website, it is very likely that they will follow these links, right? One of the steps to get your website to rank in more-than-one-spot on search engines is to build the content of the links as covering the same topic. Another way is to interlink the two pages of the website but this means that both pages would receive either higher search engine positioning or lower positioning at the same time.

This search engine optimization method is an advanced SEO strategy so I consider that you resort to SEO service from professionals to get this right.

Bottom Line

For the best visibility to search engines and the search engine positioning tactic that comes in handy to your business website reputation enhancement, there is more to website content or backlinks. There are several other factors to consider when it comes to appealing to search engines such as Click through rates, traffics, leads, visitors’ experience, Clean HTML codes, and so on. You can see how vast the SEO search engine marketing field is and find it no surprise to consider SEO the art of elevating your content refinement and website relevancy to search engines. To make sure that the position of each of your web pages is on the first page of Google search as the first seen results, it is best that you use SEO services from a search engine optimization agency to have your business marketing going right.


What are searching tools used by most people in 2020?

Definitely, the first one of the most widely-used search engines is Google with 92.26% of Internet users using it. The next positions come respectively to the search engines like Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. There are other searching services offerers that rank high in the list such as Baidu, Yandex, Duck duck go,…

Can this writing-mentioned method be done by yourself?

You can if you are able to handle several things in SEO. As mentioned above, you have to super focus on the high-quality content and layout first. To do this, you can use WordPress editor, Surfer,… or other content-writing tools to set up a professional-looking website of your own. Other factors that should be concentrated on are anchor texts, backlinks, relevant keywords, UX experience.

But as I said before, SEO is a quite complicated art of its own so you may want to come to the help of services that are offered by professionals.

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