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The way I see it, Google made a lot of changes. It reduces the number of topmost local searches from seven to five. Then, later on, Google made changes, again of its list of ranking results from 5 pack and cut it down to 3 pack.

In August 2015, Google made that decision because, during that time, marketers became concerned about the increased competition for getting into one of those highly valued seven spots.

For instance, rather than focusing on Google+ pages for ranking businesses, it focuses on links to the brand’s business websites. The way information was displayed also changed.

It makes it, a lot easier for mobile users to navigate the local Pack by showing addresses and business hours, rather than phone numbers. The local SEO results change depending upon where the person’s location. Can people Google my business with no physical address? That is a good question.

Google 3 Pack, What is It?

The Google 3 Pack is a way Google displays search engine results page (SERP) when users make queries. It uses the user’s location to make the search results relevant to the location where the user submitted the query.

Within the 3 Pack are three Local businesses, a map of where they’re located, and basic information about the businesses. SEO best practices still come into play when ranking for Google users.

There is less need for mobile users to see the phone number, however, they would want the address to be put into the website. For example, Local SEO services and Google Maps optimization services across the globe can make that possible.

To be more specific, the query and searcher will show the name, address, map location, phone number, open or closed status (and closing time, if applicable), number of reviews and overall rating for each of the three businesses Google has deemed best able to solve the searcher’s problem. With a single click, the searcher can get driving directions, call one of the locations, or visit a business website.

Now, instead of scrolling through even one page of results, a user simply has to look at the top three recommended businesses.

Google’s 3-Pack is a very coveted spot to be in for your business. However, not just any business can make it into the 3-Pack.

The Local 3 Pack

The Local 3 Pack is basically the Google 3 Pack, only, Local 3 Pack is the localized version (small version), which comprise of much smaller version within the Google 3 Pack in general.

Many people use map applications and business directories to find restaurants, local services, and locations, and that’s it.

But in Google search engine results, the Local 3 Pack is a colorful, prominent map listing-the three maps results that pop up when you conduct a local search- that presents to consumers the three businesses Google considers most relevant to the query and searcher’s location, and of the highest quality.

When users search for a local business, a search results page appears based on metrics that measure relevance.

A pack of three local search results, that shows Local Pack business results. Google looks for the best answer for their immediate need. The listing is designed to immediately convert the searcher to an in-store customer. It’s the most effective online marketing strategy to attract nearby customers in your area.

In today’s uncertain times, building your local search presence should be your number one priority, that could help you get seen in the local pack.

How to Get in the Google 3 Pack?

Not just any business makes it into Google 3 Pack, but there are ways to do that. With this very coveted spot and valuable piece of real estate for local businesses, no one can blame you for trying.

1. Optimize your Google My Business profile

The business must have a Google My Business (GMB) profile. This is where Google mainly pulls its information from for the business. Improve your GMB performance by optimizing local listings and reviews.

The search engine only wants to return relevant results and if they don’t think a business will be helpful, they’ll find another that is.

Here are some best practices to follow to keep your Google My Business listing optimized according to Google:

• Keep your information complete, up to date, and engaging.

Provide essential information that enables your customers to find where you are. Understand what you do, times when they can visit and how they can get in touch with you will help your local SEO to search you.

• Make sure your location is verified.

Follow these steps to claim or add your location on Google Maps.

• Add your local operating hours and update them regularly.

Information about when you open and close and whether you’re open on holidays and special events lets your customers know when they can visit your store.

• Attach photos of your business.

Upload high-resolution photos for your profile image, cover photo, and location.

• Manage and respond to your reviews.

Responding to reviews tells customers that you care about their feedback, which helps generate positive reviews and adds social proof.

About 25% of the weight of your local 3 Pack ranking signals belongs to Google My Business—more than any other signals category.

2. Make your website more responsive

Google places a top priority on users’ experience. In 2015, Google released an update that saw mobile-responsive websites receiving a massive boost in rankings, called the Mobile-friendly Update.

So it’s no wonder mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor in Google 3 pack. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly as well, for this is an important single factor for performing well in local search.

A responsive website is one where:

Text, images, and video load quickly.

Web pages adapt to the user’s screen, regardless of the mobile device used.

All animations load flawlessly.

Navigating between pages is easy.

Making your website more responsive effectively strengthens your business’s local presence, which directly impacts your bottom line. 30% of all mobile searches have local intent. 76% of those who conducted a local search for business information on their smartphones visit the store within the day.

3. Add reviews to your profile

Online reviews improve local business visibility because users actively search for them before deciding on a purchase. 86% of consumers say they read reviews for local businesses, while 15% say they don’t trust businesses without reviews.

Not only review a factor in establishing trust on your site, but they are also a ranking factor in three-pack listings. Google shows the number of reviews your business has, alongside your star rating, which quantifies how many people trust your business. The results also found that searchers were less likely to click on the business website which has lower than 3 stars.

When you have good reviews, you attract more people to your listings, which boosts foot traffic. Boost your credibility by managing your online reviews.

How to Optimize for the Google 3 Pack?

Appearing in the Google 3-Pack attracts attention to your brand and encourages people to engage with you. You will get the best results by having a website that ranks well. Keep these guidelines in mind when you create your internet site presence to maximize your chances of appearing on these lists.

  1. Make sure your Google+ Local page is filled in and up-to-date.
  2. Cultivate reviews on your Google+ account. Receiving multiple
  3. positive reviews can be beneficial when it comes to boosting your
  4. visibility, especially since Google reviews and stars will be plainly
  5. visible on the local 3 Pack.
  6. Make sure your listings throughout the web are accurate and consistent. This includes business name, address, and phone number.
  7. Cultivate locally relevant links to boost your visibility. There are several ways you can cultivate reputable links, such as
  8. sponsoring local nonprofits and events or joining a Chamber of Commerce.
  9. Build standard backlinks to raise your organic rank. Backlinks are best cultivated through outstanding, well-distributed content that attracts readers.
  10. Build a strong presence on social media and other platforms to
  11. establish yourself as a Google local listing with loyal followers.

Importance of Google Local 3-Pack

Does Local SEO Impact your Google 3 pack Local Ranking?

For local businesses before the local pack, there were two main ways to show up on the first page of Google: local PPC and local SEO. SEO and PPC services, social media marketing, web design help, and much more.

With the addition of the Google local 3 pack, you now have the top three potential ways you could show up on the first page of Google for relevant local searches, and that’s something that can’t be ignored.

These listings are at the top of the page in a special list and, also, becoming active on local listings sites might be the most important single factor of all. The more you can appear in these listings, the more Google trusts your business.

Additionally, the Google local 3 pack shows up in the first position on Google 93% of the time. For small businesses, getting one of those top three spots is absolutely critical. It can be the difference between barely generating any leads from Google and having more than you can handle.

Businesses are now recognizing the need to add local SEO services to their marketing strategies.

Bottom Line

It’s important to get reviews on your Google My Business profile to help you increase your chances of showing in the Google local 3 pack, and because a good reputation is important for your business.

Also, there are times when the content from your reviews shows up on Google along with your Google My Business listing. So, reading your reviews when you show up in the Google local pack and see that you’re focused on excellent customers. There is speculation that reviews on other third-party review sites can help you rank better as well.

You want to make sure all your on-site SEO factors, like the way your website is built, local listings, your web content, and your metadata are all working fine. As with all other types of local listings management, information accuracy across all of your brand’s websites should be continuously updated and maintaining a business’ location data across online categories. Lastly, make sure it’s easy to understand for searchers and search engines alike.

The bottom line is that local search and mobility are two aspects of SEO work that take their cue from Google’s overall strategy and they will give the type of customers that should see your business listing.

Furthermore, the brand’s awareness can gain new customers. For example, hiring a marketing agency can help you to generate leads right away, and help you in marketing your product with ease and direction.

Here are some SEO tips;

(1) a savvy local SEO strategy allows business owners to truly harness the power of the internet, and

(2) if you want your website to attract customers, you need to make sure they see it.

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