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About Us

ProfitCommerce is a crypto growth agency harnessing the power of technology and innovation to humanize complex brands and connect with consumers on their terms. We specialize in branding and marketing communication strategies for businesses of all sizes to reach and influence the ideal customers for our clients.

What Sets us Apart

Stakeholders that are rooted in crypto growth

A track record of results

Leadership engaged with numerous top consultants

Our Services

As a decentralised marketing agency, we maximize your company’s organic potential and brand visibility through website optimization and integrated advertising campaigns that combine original content, community influence, social
media, and PR.

Advisory Partnership

Leverage the ProfitCommerce team of industry experts’ time in the space. We provide access to our network of Funds, VCs, Launchpads, Exchanges, Market Makers, Vendors, etc.

Marketing Partnership

Marketing direction and consulting for a phased roll-out and ramp-up of activity to grow awareness, elevate your digital presence to reach and influence investors while aggressively growing your online communities.

Content Creation

Bringing your narrative to fruition, we create 2 articles per week to be posted on your blog, news, media, etc in accordance with your content calendar.

Media Placements

The content will be published on a range of high-quality publications, with organic reach. Your message will be delivered to the right audience at just the perfect time.

Twitter KOL Campaigns

A custom strategy for your project. We will use a carefully selected group of influencers and KOLs with micro to macro audiences to influence the algorithm, leading to efficient message deliveries across a much wider audience.

Brand Narrative

A senior copywriter will create your brand narrative and position your unique selling points and value proposition in an actionable content bundle for the campaign strategy and communication tactics.

Growth Hacking

A variety of secret sauce tricks to help improve metrics, visibility, and trust

Community Infiltration and Guerilla Marketing

We will create a strategy that identifies the most relevant target communities with the highest engagement potential. You can expect to have your project discussed at length by influential and professional brand builders with high credibility profiles.

Website Optimization

We optimize your domain to grow brand visibility on search engines and drive relevant traffic to your digital presence.

Social Media Management

Our team will create a social media plan aligned with your business goals complete with content creation, publishing and post sharing. Monthly plans contain audience and engagement reports along with campaign performance.

Explainer Video

Create a proprietary video for your channel, landing pages and communities. Capture attention of your audience, convey your value proposition and unique selling points with high quality branded media.

YouTube Influencer Campaigns

A strategic list of YouTube channels will be selected targeting your audiences with the highest engagement potential for your project and goals. If you have a specific Influencer you would like to work with, we will arrange it for you.

Ready to expand?

You deserve the best, and that’s what ProfitCommerce is here to deliver. Our track record of results speaks for itself. We’re constantly looking for new ways to optimize your organic potential and brand visibility, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

We help companies to leverage their organic traffic with digital advertising campaigns that amplify their reach, build communities, and generate more leads.

We’ve got top consultants on our leadership team, and we can help you get the most out of your marketing spend. Our integrated campaigns and organic optimization techniques are proven to be more effective than static advertising channels. With increased organic potential and brand visibility, your company will be prepared for success. 

We are a community-driven company laser-focused on growth and success. Our team is made up of individuals globally, who have a stake in crypto and want to help you grow. Responding to change starts with understanding what your audience wants, and we’re here to increase your organic traffic, brand visibility, and sales.

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